Oznam pre zákazníkov a doručovacie služby.

V pondelok 4.7.2022 bude naša kancelária zatvorená.

V súrnych prípadoch, alebo v prípade doručenia zásielky nás kontaktujte na telefónnom čisle: +421 0903 950 437
Prítomný v kancelárii budeme znovu od 6.7.2022.

Notice to customers and delivery services.

Our office will be closed on Monday 4.7.2022.

In urgent cases, or in case of delivery, contact us at the telephone number: +421 0903 950 437
We will be present in the office again from 6.7.2022.

Macro Components®, s.r.o. – distributor with 25´ years history

Macro Components®, s.r.o. was founded in 1992, as the distributor of electronic components.

Except commodity, standart products, our business is focused on the high-tech products, modules, complex solutions for smart metering applications.

We bring to our market all available technologies for automatic meter reading applications, including last news in IoT - Sigfox, LoRa, LTE-NB.

To accomplish the needs of our customers, we can source any components in the stocks of the official distributors, for prefereable prices and sales conditions.

Significant part of our business are complex projects for smart metering applications for the water and gass utilities in Czech and Slovak Republic.

The SW applications for data reading in the field, designed in our house are used with 245 00 energy meters in Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Our bonded warehouse, may bring additional services to our partners dealing business from/to countries non- EU zona.

Our main goal is to stay speclialized distributor and work based of official franchise contracts.

Offers for cooperation from the side of producers, which can help us to fulfill our mission, will be welcomed.

Our activities cover Slovak and Czech Republic.

Mission of Macro Components, s.r.o. is the quality, reability, high-tech technologies, safisfied customers and business partners.

September 2017 Boleslava Gaborikova, Dipl.Eng,
Managing director


Macro Components s.r.o.

Dolné Rudiny 1
010 01 Žilina

+421 41 7634 181

Reg. Number: 31562744
VAT Number: SK2020444415
CR: Okresný súd Žilina, vložka č. 404/L


Špecializovaný distribútor elektronických súčiastok

Macro Components s.r.o.

Dolné Rudiny 1, 010 01 Žilina
+421 41 7634 181

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